Harrington designs are defined not just only by exquisite styles but by safe and ethical production. We're making significant strides in Sustainability – from our manufacturing to packaging and everything in-between – as we endeavor towards an empowered future.
At Harrington, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to respect and preserve the environment. Our approach is continually developing as we evaluate our strategy on social responsibility and address it at all levels of our supply chain.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards and encourage operational transparency. Working with our network of partners and suppliers from different parts of the world, we strive for excellence and integrity at every stage of production
Not a fan of plastic bags? Nor are we.
It's our main goal to reduce our eco-footprint and proceed with caution on earth. That’s why we’re striving to make choices to minimize global waste. 
At Harrington, we use reusable eco-bags and boxes made out of paper 100% reusable. This also includes product labels and swing tags. Additionally, our shipping labels are printed on recycled paper. It is our mission to minimize the environmental impact of your Harrington purchase.
This philosophy follows us into our office where sustainability continues to drive our choices. We believe in creating products that are exceptionally designed and made to last. We are committed to sourcing quality materials that will have less impact on the environment. But it’s not just the fabrics and trims that make a product sustainable, it’s working to ensure that the processes we use are kind to the planet too. 
All kinds of fabrics in our collection are more sustainably sourced, and we highlight these so you can make considered choices when you shop. To qualify as a more ‘sustainable fabric’ a garment should be produced from at least 50% more sustainable fibers – but our clothes often contain significantly higher percentages. Recycled and repurposed fibers are the only exemption for this standard, so we can ensure the overall quality of the fabrics meets our standards.
We’re continually seeking out new innovations and production strategies to reduce our footprint on the climate too. We aim to expand and sharpen our sustainability measures as we grow. We are continuously exploring how we can improve our environmental impact and strive towards a sustainable future in fashion.

At Harrington, we value integrity, respect, innovation, and passion. We always aspire to do the right thing and have a positive impact on the world – for our customers, our suppliers, our partners, our employees, and all those we touch along the way.

No Child Labour
Harrington defines a young worker as someone under the age of 18 who is legally entitled to work and a child worker as someone under the age of 16 who is not legally entitled to work. We take a zero-tolerance approach to child labor. We support the employment of young workers within its supply chain, provided that adequate precautions are put in place for their protection. All suppliers working for us must sign and comply with our anti-child-labor policies. Till now, we have identified zero cases of forced labor or child labor.
Empowering Women and Advancing Opportunities
All women should be able to pursue their dreams and forge a new tomorrow. We want to see women enjoy infinite possibilities and believe in a world that enables women to live their way and cherish their true values. At Harrington, we have implemented personnel system reforms and other measures for our female employees in our factories across South Asia to choose work styles matching their life stage and to develop careers that make full use of their individuality and talent. We will continue to introduce new systems, select a wide range of female candidates for managerial positions, and promote career development through assignments to new roles or departments.
Animal Welfare
For us, it's quite simple. We believe all animals deserve just treatment and should not suffer. This is why we aim to only source fabrics from farms with good animal care, breeding, and management. Our materials are chosen according to strict criteria, and we adhere to recognized standards for animal and species protection.
We believe that being transparent is an important part of becoming more sustainable. Sharing knowledge about our business and how we make our clothes gives you more power as a customer. The more you know, the more informed decisions you can make. We want you to feel confident that the products you buy from us are made both responsibly and sustainably. We only engage with suppliers who provide an ample living-wage ratio for their employees, a safe work environment and follow fair work conditions.